March 10th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh




Founded in 1989, Leckie has been publishing educational books specially for Scotland for the past thirty years and has helped thousands of schools with their teaching and students with their revision. Now part of the Collins family, Leckie publishes resources for over twenty subjects in secondary – and it has recently expanded its publishing into primary, with Primary Maths for Scotland. Once known for its market-leading revision guides, it is now just as well-loved by teachers for its innovative classroom resources.

Scottish SPCA

As Scotland's leading animal welfare charity and as a reporting agent to the Procurator Fiscal, the Scottish SPCA has a duty to build a better world for animals. Our free ‘Prevention through Education’ programme teaches empathy and compassion towards animals and reaches over 200,000 school pupils each year.

We constantly evolve the programme, which fits with the STEM curriculum and is proven to reduce tolerance towards animal cruelty and increase awareness of animal sentience.

Recently, we’ve introduced robotics in classrooms. Children get the opportunity to build an animal-like robot and code it. This allows them to recognise animals are born with senses and how important it is people are aware of these when interacting with them.

This unique approach captures children’s imagination, encourages them to have fun and be creative, and emphasises how amazing animals really are.

Young STEM Leader (YSL), SSERC

The Young STEM Leader Programme (YSL) is an exciting new award which aims to spark greater interest and participation in STEM among young people in Scotland.

Young people have the chance to inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities and events within education establishments or local community groups.

The key aim of the YSL Programme is to facilitate the development of peer STEM role models to inspire more young people to develop an interest in STEM.

The programme is available as a non-formal, digitally badged/certificated version or as a formally accredited version.

The pilot has been taking place in centres across Scotland in preparation for full national launch in June 2020.