March 10th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh


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New themes for 2020

New Themes for 2020

For STEM Scotland 2020, we have one overarching theme and four thematic strands that will structure the conference agenda. These ensure that every teacher, careers adviser, and others interested in STEM education will benefit from this year's content. 



Inspiring Interest in STEM


Conference Strands


  • What does excellent STEM education look like?
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities that have come from implementing the STEM Strategy 
  • Next steps for improving STEM education and training in Scotland 


  • Making STEM come alive by engaging with contemporary issues – climate change, space, and technology 
  • The role of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in STEM education and training 
  • Projects and role models that engage young people, raising aspirations within STEM 


  • Explore the barriers girls face pursuing STEM subjects... and how to tear them down 
  • Big picture thinking about the future of STEM education and the importance of equity 
  • Learn from inspiring keynotes by successful women in STEM 


  • Explore how STEM education and training can be connected to the needs of the labour market 
  • Embedding collaboration between schools, colleges, universities, science centres, and industry 
  • The role of the STEM Scotland conference – to facilitate networking and connections across Scotland's education sector