March 21st 2017 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event

With a report on the Scottish Government's consultation into the delivery of high quality STEM education and training due in March 2017, attend Holyrood’s STEM Scotland event to talk about the solutions being sought and the plans being made to ensure Scotland’s vital STEM sector is well-supplied with skilled graduates.

Why you should attend

  • Hear about the latest initiatives for teachers delivering STEM subjects
  • Consider how schools can improve their science and maths teaching delivering through informative case studies and best-practice workshops 
  • Explore how schools and industry can form partnerships to engage students
  • Consider STEM employment trends & interventions needed beyond the classroom:  gender gap, retaining STEM employees, back to work support

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Event information

This event is FREE for teachers.

A small number of other places are available for stakeholders. Click on the 'Register Now' button for more information.


STEM graduates are highly sought-after, well-rewarded with high salaries and yet employers still find it difficult to recruit staff with STEM expertise. With the gap between supply and demand for STEM graduates set to widen there is urgent need for action across Scotland’s education sector. To address the skills-gap the Scottish Government recently launched a consultation on their approach to delivering high quality STEM education & training, with a report on the consultation due in March.